A beautiful testimonial from 2 very special people.

We met Phillipa two weeks before our wedding date – yes, just two weeks. At first, we were hesitant as we were quite on a tight timing but Phillipa told us that our wedding should be about my partner David and I. That the ceremony should reflect what we envisioned it to be. That a marriage ceremony is not about being lavish but a reflection of our commitment as life partners.

And so we eloped last June 13, 2020 –Phillipa’s first wedding ceremony right after lockdown. It was a really beautiful ceremony. From our ceremonial piece, which was whole-heartedly written by Phillipa to the very picturesque Lake Wakatipu in the background. We had an amazing and beautiful wedding.

Thank you Phillipa for being part of our celebration of love. For guiding us through the process and giving us insights. You are awesome and commend you for a job well-done. Our wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. Weeks, months and years from now, we will always look back to that wonderful sunny Saturday on top of that beautiful natural stone structure overlooking the quiet blue expanse of Lake Wakatipu, with your melodic voice narrating our love story in the background.

Maraming, maraming salamat!❤️❤️❤️

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