Planning for a Magical Day

Which Venue

This is the most frequent question I am asked, which is very difficult to answer without some conversation with you, because it depends on so many things: the time of year, number of guests, lake front or mountain top, and so on.

Here is a list of the outdoor locations I have officiated at in this beautiful area I call home, most of them I have officiated at this year.

Some venues to choose from:

They are in no particular order, although I have placed Millbrook Resort at the top because my first ceremony was there 17 years ago:

Queenstown Wedding Venues
  • Millbrook Resort
  • Stoneridge Estate
  • Cecil Peak Ledge (helicopter required)
  • Trelawn Place
  • Walter Peak
  • Kinloch Lodge
  • Paradise
  • Queenstown Gardens
  • Wakatipu Yacht Club
  • The Remarkables (helicopter required)
  • Heritage Hotel rooftop
  • Lake Hayes
  • Moonlight Country
  • The Hilton Hotel
  • Canyons Lodge
  • Southerly
  • Glenorchy Wharf
  • Bendermeer
  • Mount Soho Winery
  • Skyline
  • Matakauri Lodge
  • Coronet Peak
  • Jacks Point
  • St Omer Park
  • Thurlby Domain
  • The Rydges Hotel rooftop
  • Amisfield
  • The One Mile
  • Waitiri Creek Winery
  • Peregrine Winery
  • Remarkables Lodge
  • Mercure Queenstown Resort
  • Blanket Bay Luxury Lodge (only available if you are a guest)
  • Nugget Point
Signing the licence!

Marriage Licence

We are very fortunate in New Zealand as a celebrant can marry you at any time, on any day of the week, as long as the appropriate paperwork has been completed!

The process is relatively easy, and the legal part of the ceremony is very brief.

Getting a Marriage Licence
When a couple intend to get married, they are required to complete the appropriate type of ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form, which includes a statutory declaration that both parties are free to marry each other and that all the details supplied on the form are correct.

One of the parties must appear in person before a Registrar of Marriages to sign the statutory declaration.

The required fee must be paid, currently NZ$150.00

The Registrar will (no sooner than three days after receiving the Notice of Intended Marriage) issue the Marriage Licence, together with two copies of a document known as a ‘Copy of Particulars of Marriage’.

One of the parties will need to deliver these three documents to their Marriage Celebrant before the ceremony.

For more information, here is the official document from the Department of Internal Affairs.

Overseas visitors getting married in NZ

You will need to complete a ‘Notice of Intended Marriage, where both parties are ordinarily resident outside New Zealand’.

Send this marriage notice (with the required fee) to the Registry Office closest to the place where you want to have the ceremony, ensuring that it reaches the Registrar at least a week before you intend to have the ceremony.

Collect the Marriage Licence and the two copies of the Copy of Particulars of Marriage.

The statutory declaration must be signed when you pick up the licence from the Registrar.

Alternatively, the statutory declaration can be signed, while you are in your home country, in front of a Commonwealth representative (ie an authorised diplomatic or consular officer of a Commonwealth country.)

For more information, here is the official document from the Department of Internal Affairs.

A Day to Remember

This slide show is from the wedding of Bobby and Sabella. Big thanks to Rich Bayley Photography.