Even the title of this reading appeals to me “The Game” by BJ Falken

The following reading was recited on Friday in the snow on the pontoon at Jacks Point, at Kysee and Craig’s wedding ceremony and although it wasn’t the first time I heard it, for some reason, the words hit home to me.Slider5

This is a photo of the stunning view at Jacks Point, though it is not from Friday’s gorgeous wedding.

“The Game” by BJ Falken.

It appeared to outsiders that they were at odds. He would test her patience and try to charm his way out of it. She would try to impose her will through loosely crafted arguments based on creative feminine logic. He would put on magnificent displays of rhetoric and manipulation, because he liked it when she caught him trying to get away with something. She liked it too.
Over time though, it became obvious that this was not a fight, or a contest. It was a game. Two sides, back and forth. Advance and defend. A game that was almost as much fun to watch, as it was to play.

In this game, however, keeping score was never necessary. The minute one round was over, they’d start again, barely paying attention who had been victorious only seconds earlier. Even if they had kept score, it would have still been tied after a hundred years of play. Sometimes he’d win, sometimes she would. And sometimes, when it was needed, they’d remind the spectators that they were actually on the same team all along and would do anything for each other.

Before each other, they hadn’t discovered anybody who could play the game at their level, nor anybody who wished to. But they found each other… and in each other a worthy adversary, a constant companion, and a best friend.