How to write personal and meaningful vows to the love of your life.

Thinking about writing your own wedding vows? How do you write personal and meaningful vows to the love of your life? It’s a tremendous undertaking, as you sit down and attempt to sum up all your love, dreams and promises to your partner in a few short minutes. Overwhelming as it may be, it’s well worth it; it’s a chance to tell your story, give guests a peek into what makes your relationship tick and to share meaningful, sweet words with the person you love.

It’s also intimate – you’re really baring your heart to the love of your life, and you’re doing so in front of your family and closest friends.

6 Steps to writing your personal and meaningful vows to the love of your life.:

💍Start with a statement that describes who the person is that you’re marrying.
💍Tell a story that makes your promises to each other more meaningful, memorable and important, it’s even better if it’s a funny story!
💍Say what it is you’re promising to each other.
💍Personalise your promise to show your love and devotion and say the 3 important words: I love you.
💍Mention things you will do together or accomplish as a couple.
💍End with a promise about your future together.

Try to have your vows finalised at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding day – trust me you’ll thank me for this tip! If possible, keep your vows approximately the same length.

Finally, on the wedding day where will the bride keep her vows? In a pocket? Wrapped around her bouquet? Will her chief bridesmaid carry them? Many grooms are also responsible and will put them in their pocket, is yours?

Or, give them to your celebrant at the rehearsal to look after for the day. 

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