Phillipa Cook

About me

After more than 2000 official ceremonies plus wedding blessings, renewal of vows, namings, funerals and memorial services, I am truly delighted and honoured to have my work officially acknowledged in this way. When the first List of Civil Union Celebrants was published in 2005, I was one of two celebrants in Queenstown! Now there are 2,800 registered celebrants in NZ with 88 in the Queenstown area. (https://celebrants.dia.govt.nz/)

I am a member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ) and have spoken on a panel on “how to make a good ceremony great”. I am also a founding member of the Queenstown Wedding Association (QWA), now the main source of wedding vendors and information for the wedding industry locally. Keeping up my professional development, I attend as many CANZ workshops as possible to keep myself up to date, along with attending the AGMs.

Official Release

The Department of Internal Affairs NZ has confirmed that Phillipa Cook of Queenstown is listed as “one of the top 5 celebrants based on ceremonies performed in New Zealand for the period 2015 to 2019 (YTD)”.

About Weddings

To be in this industry long term, you have to love all things “wedding”.

I believe a wedding isn’t just the dress, the photos, or even the rings … it’s the wedding ceremony. It sets the tone for everything else that follows on the day. The romance, the spark between two people and most importantly, the love, is what it’s all about. It’s bringing families together from all over the world, it’s seeing the love between two people and it is the absolute privilege of being a part of someone’s very special day.

What I can do for you.

Whether it’s a high end, no expense spared wedding, a ceremony on top of a glacier, in a hot air balloon, or on a luxury launch cruising around Lake Wakatipu, or whether it’s just two people in a backyard or on the beach exchanging vows, love is what it’s all about.
As is sometimes the way, things can happen at a wedding that aren’t planned… this can range from the weather (sadly, not in my control though I will always have a Plan B ready to go!) to something important like the rings or licence being left behind or to guests that having gone missing… just know that there is ALWAYS a solution. I’ve experienced all these and a lot more and will remain calm and focused while a solution is found. Often while all around us are panicking!

A great ceremony is an honest reflection of your feelings for each other, and the words you say to each other within your ceremony often matter more than all the other ‘stuff’ combined. It’s important to me that each ceremony is tailored to you, to include friends and family in a ceremony, to acknowledge children and step-children, departed loved ones and those unable to travel. Each and every person can play a special role in your day and I can make it happen.

This is your day, your ceremony and your marriage.

It should sound and feel like you.

And making this happen for you is a true honour for me.

Not only do I officiate at weddings, I am also more than happy to officiate at wedding blessings, namings ,renewal of vows, funerals and memorial services – life is to be celebrated – let me help you celebrate!