Rave Review from Adam and Michael

I’ve been very fortunate to have known Adam since he was an 8 year old boy and over the years I’ve watched him grow into the wonderful man that he is today.

When he and Michael met 8 years before their wedding day they had no idea that their meeting would lead them to marry. Now they know what their partner needs to be happy and being willing to provide it is something they both do so very well.

Adam and Michael chose to walk through life hand in hand. There is no truer statement of love. Their choice to be together was not defined by a single moment, but by countless special ones. They belong together. The foundation of their love is profound friendship.

To both of them, marriage is a public announcement of their undying commitment to one another; a bond between two people who look forward to sharing their lives together through the good and the bad. To both of them, their marriage does not mark the beginning of a new relationship; it is an acknowledgement and a celebration of a relationship that has been flourishing for a long time. 8 years in fact.

It was an honour to be a part of such a very special ceremony

Thank you both for the beautiful and heartfelt testimonial you wrote:

Phillipa Cook is THE celebrant to use for weddings in Queenstown. Phillipa came very highly recommended and exceeded our expectations in every single way. Most importantly, Phillipa put us at ease and coordinated the ceremony with a minimum of fuss, allowing us to relax and truly enjoy the experience. We cannot recommend Phillipa highly enough. Adam and Michael.

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