Rejoice in the incredible odds…(that) you two somehow found each other.

In the gorgeous Chapel Gardens of Stoneridge Estate, Manab and Alex exchanged their romantic weddings vows with their closest family and friends as witnesses. Family is very important to these two wonderful people with beautiful souls and family played important roles within their heartfelt ceremony.

When Alex’s brother read this beautiful reading, their wasn’t a dry eye among us:

By Anonymous

“The atoms that shape every part of you were formed inside stars billions of years ago — and after you die, those atoms will rejoin the universe as an aspect of nature, and eventually, as stardust. We are connected, biologically, to the earth and to each other, and atomically, to the universe. We are energy, and energy never ever dies. It simply takes another form. When you toss a pebble into a pond, it creates ripples in the water and the pond is never the same after. Our actions have the same effect on the world we live in — and those we share it with. We live on in the actions we take and the memories of those we touch. We are all made of stardust. We are all shining lights in the sky borrowing these sacks of flesh for 80 or so rotations around an ordinary star… When you find someone you love, rejoice in the incredible odds that, during the billions of years the universe has been chopping and changing, you two somehow found each other, if only for a short while. And that is beautiful.”