Your heart is in what you do & that was definitely recognised.

Ana and Ale met about 18 months ago in Ana’s hometown of Dunedin and Ale had also made his way there from Argentina via Queenstown to find work and a place to call home.

Despite the rain on their wedding day, they had a heartfelt & intimate ceremony in the mountains, just as they dreamed.

Recently I received this beautiful message from Ana and Ale”

“Firstly, I’d like to say thank you so much for all your care and kindness on our special day. We both recognised what a good person you are, the right one for us and how clear it was that your heart is in what you do. So, thank you for that.

Your warmth and kindest made you the perfect person for us on our day. You’re a real relaxed professional and that only comes from knowing your work and having experience. Most of all your heart is in what you do and that was definitely recognised.

…Wishing you well and many more great memories uniting the ones in love.
Thank you for your blessings and wishes. “

Warmest regards,
Ana & Ale xxxx

I hope your plan to build a home next year and begin your family is realised. I look forward to learning that Ale has started his own business and you both have freedom to travel to Argentina and have another wedding ceremony with Ale’s family and for his mum.

I love my role 💖

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