Experience is everything!

One of the most reassuring words that you like to hear when planning your wedding is the word “experience”, it represents someone who has stood the test of time. I’ve been trusted by over 2000 couples to officiate at their wedding and I have more experience than other Queenstown celebrants as well as most celebrants in NZ.

I have been a celebrant since 1998 and have been trusted by over 2000 couples to not only officiate at their wedding ceremony but also to elevate it. My experience, calm, relaxing and caring manner, my professionalism and proactive attitude yet fun and joyful energy has meant, in some cases, that I have performed intergenerational ceremonies within families. After all, experience is everything!

Bill and I were married here in Queenstown in 1990 and I have lived in Queenstown since 1987. I believe in marriage and I believe in love.

Your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the whole day. It’s important to me to take the time to get to know you both before the wedding, to hear your shared stories and discover your dreams because this ensures that your ceremony is one that everyone remembers.

My aim is to ensure you have the most memorable ceremony possible and my experience will ensure this is achieved.

Your ceremony will be perfect as it will be an honest reflection of your feelings for each other.  The words you say to each other within your ceremony matter more than all the other ‘stuff’ combined… the dress, the flowers, the rings etc.

Everything else on your wedding day will fall into place.

Your Next Steps:

Call me now if you’d like a chat about your wedding, I love everything to do with weddings.

Your ceremony will be in the surest of hands.

A stunning summer wedding in Queenstown Bay